Sproga. Recovery. Wellness.

I can say with certainty that developing my yoga practice for the last 15 years has manifested opportunities, where once only obstacles stood in my way. As a great yoga teacher and friend once told me “Whatever is in the way is the way” –Rainbeau Mars.

Learning how to breathe has been a lifesaver, and has given me purpose. I am not one who can easily blend in standing over 6’7 tall. So I have on occasion been cursed with anxiety over the years. I have conquered my battle with anxiety with my practice, the Victorious Warriors breath is one of the greatest gifts I was taught by my teacher Dave Oliver, rest in peace.

The Practice of yoga is so personal and private, when we come together in a group setting we are opening up a conversation without saying a word. We express our personalities our faults are greatness on the mat as a collective, yet are given permission to express our individuality and allow acceptance from the like minds and bodies present. In my yoga classes my musical choices speak for me the message I want to share so ruthlessly.

I started teaching yoga in Scottsdale Arizona after college, first working behind the desk of At one Yoga then enrolling in teacher training, and finally teaching classes. I am grateful for the gift and trust as a teacher to lead students thru the practice. My practice is firmly rooted in Ashtanga and I consider BKS Iyengar rest in peace the most gifted yoga teacher to learn from. I look forward to folding, twisting, and breathing with all of you soon.